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We always need help from people willing to become financial mentors and support people. We ask for our volunteers to committ to at least one 3 hour session a week.

The training involves a very comprehensive programme over 6 full days. It covers everything you need to be become a financial mentor, and ends in you becoming a qualified financial mentor.

Then supervision as you begin seeing clients and helping them prepare their budgets, sort their debt out and give them the tools to make their best decisions.

We currently operate from Onehunga, Grey Lynn, Balmoral and the City Centre, so have plenty of options for your preferred place of work.

We have a very experienced team always available to help, as a lot of our work is support work, helping our clients deal with their financial issues, calling MSD, lenders, IRD etc.

The contentment of knowing you have made a real difference in someones life, being part of a hardworking and fun team and the ability to learn and grow your skills are what we can offer.

If you are interested at all, please get in touch.


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Volunteer Support

Here at Auckland Central Budgeting we have over 40 years of history with volunteers. We have the training, support and technology in place to support our volunteers to become valuable financial mentors.
- Tim Maurice, Manager