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We offer free and independent services to our clients

How we can help

Personal and Family Budgets

We can work with you to prepare a budget to see where your money goes, and options you have. These are often required by MSD, social housing or for debt relief.

Personal Insolvency Options

We are able to support you to make your own decisions around insolvency. We can explain the different options, the consequences of these options, to ensure you have all the information you need to make the best decision.

Debt Management

If your debt is making life difficult we can help in a number of ways. Supporting you to talk to your creditors, negotiating on your behalf or looking for better options.

Kiwisaver Hardship Applications

If things are really tough, you may have the option of withdrawing from your kiwisaver to repay debt or to pay essential bills. Different funds work differently and we can support you to prepare your budget and apply.

Financial Goals

We can help you to set goals and put actions in place to maximise your potential of reaching these goals. Whether it paying down debt or growing savings.

Community Education

We can run sessions for your group, workplace or extended whanau. We talk about the importance of budgeting, tips and tools to help and can answer all your money related questions.